The Lucid Dreamer: Wake up inside your dreams

5 10 2016

Forget Luciding… here is the first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign based around tACS electronic brain stimulation, EEG REM detection and the induction of lucid dreams.

lucid dreamer sleeping whilst wearing a tACS device on head

It seems like the back end of 2016 is looking fruitful for wearable technology and lucid dreaming in general. Already it looks like the Arenar iBand+ will be a funding success three times over.

The Aurora Dreamband by iWinks is now being publicly tested for the first time which all makes for a promising 2017, dream-wise for those that have already pre-ordered devices.

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What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

5 11 2014

(An idea for an electromechanical 40 Hz tACS generator stage)


This is based around the science of using an AC electric motor as a dynamo or generator in the same way how turbines work in modern power stations to create electricity at 50 or 60 cycles per second or hertz.

A power station

However I thought I would devise a quick experiment using a spare AC synchronised motor used in a central heating system to test my theory of trying to create a clean sine wave like in the recent Voss lucid dream lab study; nothing else. Read the rest of this entry »