Wireless mouse to eye mask modification

20 05 2017

Followers and readers of my blog may well remember my previous optical mouse hack for REM eye movement detection and lucid dreaming back in August 2014. That project known as DreamCaptcha relied on a direct USB connection to a nearby computer. Hopefully after having a bit more time I can now move on from that limitation by experimenting with a wireless mouse set-up instead.

modified wireless mouse dream mask

Optical wireless mouse prototype


The layout and construction is very similar to the earlier USB mouse hack. In fact I kept the milk carton shell and the elastic as before. Even the white tack to temporarily hold the base in is taken from that project era. However there were obvious benefits and certain obstacles to overcome during the whole modification process, most of which included the weight and power considerations, amongst others.

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iBand plu$ rides out – again!

27 10 2016

First the good news. Arenar, the people behind the iBand+ EEG lucid dream sleep tracker have successfully finished their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today.

iBand plus EEG lucid dream sleep tracker headband

But guess what? It looks like €644,249 raised from 3,958 backers is not enough, since there is now a sneaky redirect to a new Indiegogo campaign for the iBand plus from the original Kickstarter page disguised as a big green CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! button. Read the rest of this entry »

The DREAMCATCHER – Electronic Lucid Dream Induction Device

26 08 2016

By Blue Dream Oneironauts


Here is a rather intriguing Kickstarter venture which I thought that I would share here on Lucid Dream Art.

Dreamcatcher lucid dream induction device

‘Better red than dead’


The man behind the project Joseph Schaljo is an engineer from Cincinnati in the state of Ohio, USA. He is currently looking for $100 for his Dreamcatcher Model 1 device.

So far 3 people have backed this project. The total now stands at 235 U.S. Dollars.

However, to make this ‘dream’ possible $5000 needs to be raised by Saturday September 3rd 2016. This is to help with the tooling and materials needed for the build. Read the rest of this entry »

The NovaDreamer 2 – N2D2

15 02 2014



The Lucidity Institute have announced in their February 2014 newsletter in regard to the new and eagerly anticipated NovaDreamer 2.

R2D2 wearind a dream mask

R2-D2 v N2D2


Here is the official announcement:

*INTRODUCING N2D2: Landing sooner than you’ll believe.
We’ll be beta-testing N2D2, the lastest re-reVision of the 7th Generation of our LDIDs at the DA2 program next month in Hawai2. General release is projected for another quarter revolution of the orbit of the home planet.

However, the first opportunity to test the N2D2 will go to participants of the March 2014 Dreaming and Awakening program in Hawaii.”



The N2D2 has been refined for over 5 years thanks to the participants at the Hawaii retreat made famous by Stephen LaBerge. It will include the latest technological innovations, REM detection algorithms and interactive user-friendly capabilities.

When compared with its earlier more expensive predecessor, the NovaDreamer 2 will have greater programming flexibility and the ability to store data which is more akin to the original DreamLight.

The user will be able to personalize settings, download and view your results.

You will also be able to download your dreams ‘directly.’

According to the ‘Lucid Dreaming Induction: The State of the Art 2014’ page source, the NovaDreamer 2 will provide ‘memory cues.’



According to the Lucidity Institute the NovaDreamer 2 will be one-tenth of the cost of the original DreamLight which cost $1200 back in the 1990’s.

According to these figures you will be looking at about $120 per unit (providing inflation hasn’t been taken into account!)



Work is still taking place on the software.

Readers are invited to fill out a questionnaire if they are interested in being the first to obtain the new N2D2.

Short manufacture runs are likely based on likely orders with an initial short supply predicted.

People are invited to be beta-testers, although there is a qualifying criteria to be met.

General release is anticipated in about 3 months according to my astronomical calculations.


Initial thoughts

Maybe the Lucidity Institute were inspired by the little robot droid named R2-D2 who most famously featured in the ‘Star Wars’ series of sci-fi films.

The mask will no doubt make funny bleep noises and flash lights just like him!

It could have been a lot worse however: just imagine if the acronym ‘H1N1’ had been chosen as the code name instead?

The important thing is that the wait is finally over it seems! Zzz

Luci in the sky… ?

27 12 2013

Readers may remember a project named Luci which realised nearly $400,000 CAD on the popular crowdfunding website known as Kickstarter back in November of this year.

The Luci headband

The Luci headband

It was a headband designed to be worn during sleep which would use EEG technology via an electrode used to detect REM and hence lucid dreaming, but it was pulled a few days before the deadline among strong rumours and allegations of it being a scam and a fraud.

For example photos used on their Kickstarter Home page had been changed, Photoshopped, etc.

This had culminated from a few ‘naysayers’ in the comments section, to a total suspicion of the total project, the people, and the company behind it all.

There was claim and counter-claim between the backers and the promoters, which got a bit acrimonious, although more photos or a new video of the device seen in use was not forthcoming which a lot of the backers wanted.

This maybe would in hindsight have settled the whole argument.

Instead during a crucial stage in the funding process, GXP decided to take a break and leave the office.

GXP Technologies (aka Caluka Group,) the people behind the project turned their back on the massive over-funding to reveal a last minute mysterious ‘backer’ who had turned up with the cash needed whilst GXP were on vacation.

It even made news on the Wall Street Journal.

It is a pity that the Luci headband debacle happened, although it should be pointed out that none of the original backers ever lost their pledges.

However it showed there is a market for such a device, albeit a genuine working one. Either that reason, or the sales spiel and the publicity machine in overdrive sold people on the idea of looking for an easy dream hack.

Over 1800 people still hope to receive a Luci headband for $150 CAD in February 2013 however!

They will have more chance of seeing pigs fly!

Where does that leave us?

Perhaps this has maybe spoilt the idea of crowdfunding and technology used to obtain access to your dreams for some, although a couple of new projects of the same genre (but more plausible perhaps) have come to the front recently; namely:


The NeuroDreamer sleep mask


The Aurora headband


Although the technology is becoming more readily available to us, we should note that it still takes effort on our part to remember and record our dreams, including our dreamsigns, with the aim of realization and awareness that comes with hard work and regular practice.

We wait with anticipation here at LDA to see what 2014 will bring?