iBand+ The EEG headband that helps you sleep and dream?

14 09 2016

Here is another Kickstarter crowdfunding venture that is based around wearable brainwave technology, sleep health and of course lucid dreaming.

iband+ dream headband

Arenar, the Dutch-based company are primarily a husband and wife team consisting of Samir and Purva Raut from Amsterdam. Together they both have strong backgrounds in electronics engineering and software applications rather than in psychology or neuroscience.

The couple head a group of five members including model developers and designers including Eric van Doest, Bas Bruining and Roeland Rietsema. Read the rest of this entry »


DreamNet: The programmable lucid dreaming headband

12 01 2014
Dream Net logo

The DreamNet logo

What have “What’s the frequency Kenneth?” and DreamNet the new lucid dream headband got in common?

Yes, you’ve got it… its R.E.M. Except we are not talking about the band, but rather the lucid dreaming headband; plus about the current trend which is currently rapid eye-movement detection.

Welcome to the party!

Synapse, the people behind their Kickstarter project are based in Los Angeles, California. They hope to raise $30k USD by February 19th 2014.

Bill Murphy the main person behind the project is the science correspondent for the Lucid Dream Experience magazine.

Bill is known in some circles as an onscreen TV personality. He is also an avid dream researcher who is a regular contributor to various magazines, blogs and radio interviews.

On the prototype headband currently 2 dry electrodes are used, which include the primary one at the front and one reference earlobe clip or mastoid point. This secondary electrode is used to reduce artifact noise from forehead muscle movements and electrical noise.

Neuro Sky ThinkGear AM chip

NeuroSky ThinkGear AM chip

The hardware is based primarily around the Neurosky ThinkGear Am chip, whilst the software interface is based around the Lucid Scribe open source project by Michael Paul Coder.

Michael himself is an expert in this field of software and lucid dreaming.

Indeed some readers might remember he was one of the first to recognise the possibility that the Luci dream-enhancing headband was a big scam back in November 2013.

Lucid Scribe can be run in REM detection mode where it will play an audio file for example.

It is also noted that in addition to EEG and REM detection that EMG muscle potentials, eye movements, etc. could be detected via Lucid Scribe software.

Software will run on iOS and Android platforms. DreamNet will connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth LE.

The DreamNet headband is now in competition with the recently funded Aurora dream-enhancing headband.

Both use NeuroSky based technology, except the Aurora has all the hardware integrated in the headband itself. This is a major advantage providing size, weight and comfort issues are addressed.

Thus the Aurora can run independent of any computer or smartphone whereas the DreamNet cannot.

Currently there are 38 days to go. Synapse have already raised $2,078 USD of the $30k needed to fund the project.

Backers can buy a discounted DreamNet for $140 USD with $25 USD for shipping outside of the U.S. as a limited offer here.

Shipping of the units is expected in June 2014.

However for people simply wanting the obligatory t-shirt or a sticker then you might be a little bit disappointed.