The Dream Machine (book) – Dr Keith Hearne

12 08 2014

This is the book that I refer to in my own about page which started my journey as an oneironaut.

I obtained a copy of it back in the early 90’s after stopping off at a bookstore during a college art trip to London.

I subsequently showed my girlfriend the book that same evening upon returning. I somewhat proudly said that I had ‘experienced’ lucid dreaming where I could change my dreams and I knew it was possible.

She replied that she didn’t believe it!

The Dream Machine book cover

Hearne, K. (1990) The Dream Machine. Aquarian Press


Dr Hearne himself is a world-renowned UK psychologist, parapsychologist, lucid dream sleep researcher, book author, and composer of various music pieces, including a full Requiem and a Ballet.

He also founded The European College of Hypnotherapy to boot.

Keith Hearne is the man who back in April 1975 detected and recorded the first ocular eye signals from a lucid dream in his sleep lab, pre dating the findings of Stephen Laberge who reproduced similar results later on in America.

These original records along with Hearn’s purpose built ‘Dream-machine’ are housed in the London Science Museum for posterity.

He also reported on lucid dream findings which included the ‘real-time’ and the ‘light switch’ effect, following on from Van Eeden, Celia Green, et al.

In 1982 Hearne developed the False-Awakening with State-Testing (FAST) technique for lucid dreaming which is based on observation and ‘reality-checking.’

The complete 1978 Liverpool University thesis containing this work can actually be downloaded as a .pdf file from Dr Hearn’s own website at

The first 13 chapters of The Dream Machine book are also available to download.