Hypno-gogGles using bike lights

5 10 2014

This is a project made up from a cheap pair of old flashing LED-type bicycle lights that I rigged up to my plastic home made goggles, in order to try and induce a relaxed state of mind in such a stressful world.

Hypno-gogGle mask using bike lights

Overall weight is not too much of an issue as both sets of lights are of a similar design, where each one runs on a couple of AAA size batteries which last a good while.

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Basic DIY LED motion sensor

2 10 2014

I used a couple of ordinary standard LEDs as a transmitter and receiver pair in the bottle cap which could be then simply be screwed on to the mask cup itself.

LED motion sensor cap

Eyelid movement could hopefully be detected by measuring the variations in the reflected light and maybe act as a REM sensor.

Ideally you would then amplify and process this analogue signal into a digital form.

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DIY LED motion sensor.

DIY lucid dream mask

21 07 2014
Milk carton mask and parts layout

Main components of dream mask

A DIY eye dream mask idea for use with a web cam, cycle lights and LED sensors.

Basically there are numerous ideas and hacks out there in the public domain for eye masks which attempt to promote lucid dreaming mainly on Instructables or various other electronics-type blogs and forums, including the Kvasar dreammask for example.

My simple do it yourself approach makes use of empty plastic milk cartons and basic electronic components for the hardware. The software is powered by lucidcode.

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