The Lucid Dreamer’s Guide to the Cosmos – Daniel Love

29 05 2016

Book - Lucid dreamer's guide to the cosmos


Currently running on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is this interesting book project by the author and UK lucid dream enthusiast Daniel Love.

Now before you all roll your eyes, run to the hills and throw your arms up in the air shouting “another lucid dream guide book!” whilst hitting the back arrow button then just hear me out for a moment. Read the rest of this entry »


The Dream Machine (book) – Dr Keith Hearne

12 08 2014

This is the book that I refer to in my own about page which started my journey as an oneironaut.

I obtained a copy of it back in the early 90’s after stopping off at a bookstore during a college art trip to London.

I subsequently showed my girlfriend the book that same evening upon returning. I somewhat proudly said that I had ‘experienced’ lucid dreaming where I could change my dreams and I knew it was possible.

She replied that she didn’t believe it!

The Dream Machine book cover

Hearne, K. (1990) The Dream Machine. Aquarian Press


Dr Hearne himself is a world-renowned UK psychologist, parapsychologist, lucid dream sleep researcher, book author, and composer of various music pieces, including a full Requiem and a Ballet.

He also founded The European College of Hypnotherapy to boot.

Keith Hearne is the man who back in April 1975 detected and recorded the first ocular eye signals from a lucid dream in his sleep lab, pre dating the findings of Stephen Laberge who reproduced similar results later on in America.

These original records along with Hearn’s purpose built ‘Dream-machine’ are housed in the London Science Museum for posterity.

He also reported on lucid dream findings which included the ‘real-time’ and the ‘light switch’ effect, following on from Van Eeden, Celia Green, et al.

In 1982 Hearne developed the False-Awakening with State-Testing (FAST) technique for lucid dreaming which is based on observation and ‘reality-checking.’

The complete 1978 Liverpool University thesis containing this work can actually be downloaded as a .pdf file from Dr Hearn’s own website at

The first 13 chapters of The Dream Machine book are also available to download.