Lucid dream related jokes

24 01 2014
LaBerge parody of Chris Rea Auberge record cover

Auberge record cover parody


Robin van Persie book illustration parody

R.V.P. A Football Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming book parody

We have a selection of lucid dreaming inspired jokes for you to read and enjoy whilst reading our blog, so enjoy!


Q. What’s an oneironaut’s favourite drink?

A. A pint of mild.


Q. Why did the astral projector cross the road?

A. To get to ‘the other side.’


Q. What’s a lucid dreamer’s favourite band?

A. R.E.M.


Q. Why did the oneironaut go to the bank?

A. To cash a reality check.


Q. Name a lucid dreamer’s favourite actor?

A. Gene Wilder.


Q. What type of train does a dreamer catch?

A. A sleeper.


Q. Why are lucid dreamers considered generous people?

A. Because they like to share their dreams with you.


Q. Why did the meditator cross the road?

A. To see the optician and get a pair of spectacles for their 3rd eye.


Q. What type of radio does a clairvoyant own?

A. A crystal set.


Q. What is an oneironaut’s favourite type of music?

A. Trance or anything with a good binaural beat.


Q. What jewellery does a girl wear in bed?

A. Sleepers.


Q. And her favourite film is…?

A. Sleepless in Seattle.


Q. What size clothes does a clairvoyant buy?

A. Medium.


Q. What’s a lucid dreamer’s favourite mode of transport?

A. Flight.


Q. How many lucid dreamers’ does it take to change a light bulb?

A. None. They are all too busy trying to flick the light switch off.


Q. What is an oneironaut’s favourite drug?

A. L.S.D. LaBerge acid diethylamide.


Q. What have DILD and dildo got in common?

A. They are both used for sex.


Q. Where can I find achievements like the longest lucid dream ever?

A. Look in the Akashic book of world records.


Q. How does an OBE student watch a film?

A. He uses an astral projector.


Q. What is a lucid dreamer’s favourite game?

A. Oneironauts and crosses.


Q. Why did the clairvoyant get dressed up and cross the road?

A. To get to the crystal ball.


Q. What have Terry Wogan, David Beckham and Katherine Jenkins got in common?

A. They all have OBE’s.


Q. What supplement do dream sharer’s use?

A. Galanta-mine.


Q. Where do New Age people shop?

A. TK Maxx.