Why the company behind Lucidcatcher are ‘fake news’

20 09 2017

Donald Trump used the term ‘fake news’ for any criticism – constructive or otherwise, labelled against him by the global media. So anything he disliked ended up either with this disparaging tag, or being totally discredited as being false or made up.

However it seems that Trump is not the only person who likes to be in control of what is said about them according to the latest reports on various social media platforms.

Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump (Source via premiumtimesng.com)


The same can be said about the tech company Luciding who successfully funded a crowdfunding campaign recently for their (so-called) Lucidcatcher device. This device is in the form of an electronic headband that is claimed to induce lucid dreams at will via brain zapping electrodes at a set frequency of 40 Hz.


The campaign trail

The full Luciding campaign included in-house reports and biased company reviews – all carefully crafted, not only on Kickstarter but also heavily publicised on all the usual social media channels, via Facebook, Reddit and YouTube for example.

However one blogger under the moniker ‘SpaceTimeBadass’ saw the other side of this company first-hand.



SpaceTimeBadass (a.k.a. James S. Bray) for those who do not know has a bit of a cult following for his no-nonsense, hard-hitting but nevertheless entertaining approach to lucid dreaming and related topics on his personal YouTube channel.

As an LD enthusiast he also likes to do reviews where he gets to keep the product in question.

lucidcatcher review youtube


Normally this review centres around a ‘new’ product. Except in this case Luciding sent James Bray (STBA) a well used ‘test’ unit which was doing the rounds. In other words the device would be sent on to the next reviewer in line – cat, dog (or whatever) hairs, etc. and all! as in the case of this half-hour long unboxing tour video.

A positive review would be intended for use to help the crowdfunding campaign bolster incoming funds according to the plan. In this case James had a negative experience which he broadcast to his 1.4k followers about. This negativity ranged not only from the bad condition of the Lucidcatcher, but also the poor functionality, the safety aspects and his experience when dealing with Luciding; both during and after the episode.

Now this bad publicity has made Luciding attempt to impose some form of DMCA action on the popular vblogger this week. It seems that this tech start-up do not like any form of criticism aimed in their direction.

Bray sees this as blatant censorship where Luciding are trying to silence him for speaking out the honest truth. He has again taken to social media in a form of a rally cry against this, along with misconceptions found in the realm of lucid dreams and science.


My personal opinion

I for one somewhat agree with him after seeing all the shenanigans that go on with lucid dream tech to date. This technology which can do without faux ‘quick fixes’ such as VR, neuromodulation, etc. along with other pseudoscientific terminology passed off as genuine or totally proven en-masse.








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