Luciding: the modern day Pied Piper

16 06 2017

The Hamelin legend from folklore now has a technological twist. This piper plays a ‘neuromodulated’ tune to their intended audience from the safety of the crowdfunding soapbox. A spell is cast over the intended neophytes using specially charged incantations such as VR, Inception and the socially engineered LuCiD scale – all available on an app.

Inception or deception - sleep headband

The ‘apostles’ are easily LED astray. Blinded by false promises of guaranteed lucidity, they are easily persuaded do their master’s bidding and part with their gold, never to be seen again. The winners of this campaign are Luciding and of course Kickstarter themselves who take a commission.

Currently just under 200 lemmings have duly hurled themselves over the cliff unknowingly into the void, in the hope of a false awakening. In hindsight a quick ‘reality check’ could have saved them from the abyss, or the nightmare of an empty wallet due to another possible Kickstarter scam.

In over two years time these same backers will likely be kept waiting still, or own a $350 silicon ‘brick’ with Velcro straps which they can wear to bed. No doubt there will be a placebo result after the headaches and the bank manager have gone away.


The story so far

With less than 3 days to go in this campaign the $75,000 target figure has now been reached. This is after a bit of a blip after the first week when it all seemed very unlikely given the lack of activity. The figure now currently stands at nearly $77k in total.

It seems that the so-called LucidCatcher will now apparently be produced. Whether or not is another matter, given Luciding’s very poor record of customer service and failure to deliver anything that actually works?

luciding pound sign logo

£uciding logo


Remember this is a prototype based on pseudoscience at best, along with a gamut of in-house scripted reviews and carefully crafted media sound bites. There has been no actual independent scientific-based testing done or anything of any real substance so far.

Even so, people have potentially parted with their money in the belief of obtaining a lucid dream via brain stimulation via dry electrodes after the EEG detects REM. Truly shocking!

You can be highly critical of this implied technology outside the laboratory. There is a real safety aspect to it. After all you are passing an electric current through the brain.

Recently the Lucid Dreamer crowdfunding project which is also based on tACS brain stimulation pulled its campaign after initial success. The creators cited poor results as being the reason behind the decision.

We shall wait and see with this campaign given the reputation of such crowdfunding sites and the lucid dreaming community over the past few years. Zzz






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