$ixo, First in-dream sex simulator

3 06 2017

Here is another crowdfunding (scam?) campaign currently taking place on Indiegogo. Again it is targeted at the usual sleep, health and fitness part of the market spectrum. This area also includes lucid dreaming use and the virtual reality markets.

Sixo in-dream sex simulation technology


The company Sixo draws on the relationship of sound and the possible incubation effect of when people fall asleep in front of the TV when it is left on. However the results from just television alone are inconsistent. Hence this is why the concept for Sixo came about and the need by the creators to raise $10,000 within a month.

Currently this figure stands at a paltry 85 dollars, or 1% of the total pledged so far.



The LA-based company Sixo is fronted by someone known as Bryan Matias. The personal and profile details provided by the team are sparse which is often a red flag.

Sixo logo

The hardware operation is based in Guatemala, Central America. I guess, in regard to technology then it would naturally be the first place you would think of after Silicon Valley in California, USA or the Shenzhen region in China.

Sixo appears to be an Indiegogo ‘exclusive’. There are no plans for release on the retail market.

Sixo - audio delivery speaker system



Sixo works by delivering acoustic signals to pillow speakers or headphones via an app. This app has AI so the signals can be personalised to the individual user, so it is claimed. The “Tons of trials, stats, data and code” cited on Indiegogo from 130 people are an attempt to appear more professional and scientific about the whole affair. Hardly likely though.

Even so the team behind Sixo seem more adamant about their predictive questionnaire. I thought it seemed too generalised when I looked at it. Eleven questions was a fairly basic minimum. For example there was not even a gender question listed, especially when dealing with the different attitudes and outlook to sex. It reminds me of men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, etc… which brings me on to my next area of concern.

Sixo questionnaire results



Sex – this is the main unique selling point for the whole campaign in order to gain the interest (and the click bait) from their intended audience. Package this with buzzwords such as lucid dreaming and VR (virtual reality) then you are on to a winner. For example here is the promo statement from the current crowdfunding campaign which is a blatant lie:

“Forget about lucid dreaming, Sixo transforms your dreams into virtual reality simualtions” [sic].

I guess if Luciding wrongly claim to be the Pirate Bay “Netflix of Lucid Dreams” with their LucidCatcher prototype, then conversely the Sixo app must be the poor man’s PornHub, given if all the pseudo-science is taken into account in all cases.



Gaining the trust is another matter. How the company achieves this is very debatable. For example statements like ‘Sexual Stimulation Software’ seem totally false and made up.

Does this simply mean that you will fall asleep to an mp3 file of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in the hope of inducing a wet dream? I think not personally. Sleep paralysis and ‘vibrations’ – again no.

Perhaps you are now fed up of too much sex after spending $28 on a wank promise? See the following option.

Soldier shooting off a round in an RPG

Do I feel lucky?


At $80 Sixo lets you go to ‘war’ instead. Imagine Afghanistan and Syria, all from the peace and comfort of your own bed. Hear the sounds of the AK47 woodpecker, or see the Kalashnikovs roosting on the rooftops. A murder of crows – conscripts of Tony Blair and the EU caliphate.

Why not something more constructive like a possible PTSD treatment for ex-servicemen or women perhaps? Perhaps the sounds could be administered in small controlled doses, rather than just for RPG type combat game scenarios. That is if this whole notion is to be believed.



In fact nearly all the background information on the site has this Freudian aspect to it. This is connected with sex, dreams and autosuggestion; including the psychology of the subconscious and unconscious mind, along with desires and un-fulfilment.

The visual induction method does not mention the need to be awake beforehand. The tachistoscopic  exposure of pictures is akin to the idea of using subliminal messaging used by advertisers which is not substantiated.

An actual tachistoscope example is a bulky lens/mirror/projector apparatus with a flashtube arrangement. The latter illumination gives a very fast rise and fall time needed. The timing is exact in milliseconds. This is why a LCD computer monitor or a CRT television cannot be used due to the slower response times and the image retention on the tube due to phosphorescence.

Likewise, a normal smartphone screen would suffer from these same limitations. It would not work in comparison. Another attempt at blinding us with ‘science’ by the creators.



Indeed, as stated there is no timing or REM targeting with their app. It would be a bit hit and miss like the Remee  in some ways. Surprisingly the company relate lucid dreaming as somehow poor or ‘inferior’ to their method of inducing a dream ‘naturally’ without the risk of waking up. Naturally, so why try and re-invent the wheel?

 “In this way, the user experiences a fully immersive simulation since he is not aware it is a simulation”. (Source: Sixo)

If the user is not ‘aware’ then how can the user immerse themselves in such a dream experience. You will have a normal ordinary dream which you will most likely forget after waking up later on.



Stay away. I would buy a fidget spinner instead.


Images courtesy of © 2017 Indiegogo/Sixo.io




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