iBand plu$ rides out – again!

27 10 2016

First the good news. Arenar, the people behind the iBand+ EEG lucid dream sleep tracker have successfully finished their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today.

iBand plus EEG lucid dream sleep tracker headband

But guess what? It looks like €644,249 raised from 3,958 backers is not enough, since there is now a sneaky redirect to a new Indiegogo campaign for the iBand plus from the original Kickstarter page disguised as a big green CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! button.

If one redirect is not enough and you miss it then there is a bright pink Pre-Order NOW! radio button which also leads to an Indiegogo pledge campaign page.

This campaign is either a ‘smash and grab’, a bad case of greed, or a total build miscalculation?


According to Indiegogo $719,509 USD total funds raised.

1289 % funded on October 27, 2016.

Price on Indiegogo is $169 (yes USD, not Euro).

1 out of 1000 Perks has been claimed so far.


However judging this latest behaviour, it looks like Arenar are after every cent they can get. So the initial target figure of €50,000 is totally ludicrous, given that the creators are looking for even more money and pledges.

They are trying to bleed the lucid dream fraternity dry!

I think Arenar should have been a bit more open and honest about this affair. Kickstarter are culpable too I feel. There should be better rules in place to stop so-called ‘pre-orders’ being made from their campaign page, or any main changes to the campaign platform, especially after the funding date has passed, apart from the usual comments and updates to the backers.

It seems that too many project creators use the crowdfunding project page past the sell by date as a convenient sandwich board to invite click-bait for their product(s), rather than their OWN website resources.


Image courtesy of Kickstarter.com/Arenar.




2 responses

29 10 2016
Michael Paul Coder

Oh man, I wish I had the time and strength to fight them! Feel responsible now for not putting up a fight, but it feels like a hydra that keeps getting stronger. People just don’t seem to learn!

30 10 2016

There is quite a lot of interest in this project, so much that it was even more oversubscribed compared with the iWinks Aurora. The creators are after more money as it also on Indiegogo now. Even so lessons are not easily learnt as there could be a two year wait like its rival before we know if it lives up to the hype.
TACS is my main concern. The Lucid Dreamer project has been halted due to poor results after a blazing campaign, whilst another called Aladdin is currently running on Kickstarter as we speak.
Not much info about the product though.

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