iWinks v Arenar – The battle of the ‘bands’

15 09 2016

Yesterday I blogged about the new iBand+ crowdfunding campaign for a sleep tracking smart headband by Arenar, a Dutch team headed by Samir and Purva Raut based in Amsterdam.

i-bandit, dream robber

However it seems that this new kid on the block has muscled in on the turf of iWinks. The new iBand+ has ruffled quite a lot of feathers already if the comments at Kickstarter are anything to go by where it looks like the gloves are off.


Sour grapes?

Clearly Mr Schoonover and the team over at iWinks don’t believe in ‘shared dreams’, especially where rival projects are concerned. They simply see Arenar as a big threat.

I wasn’t the only one to notice the similarities with the two prototypes. A few of the people who originally backed the Aurora had noticed it too.  Comments raised yesterday alerted iWinks to their new competition.

iWinks kickstarter comment about IP infringment

This provoked a swift response. All this, yet ironically from a team who do not reciprocate the same level of speed in communication to their loyal backers. This is most especially apparent where queries and updates are concerned in regard to the Aurora timescale and shipment status which is already delayed.

Legal action. IP infringement. Trademark issues? This is all well and good if the case can be proven? It can all get messy and costs money otherwise.

I wonder in the day how much money Stephen LaBerge would make if he had a case to prove and took all the other NovaDreamer follow-ons and clones to court since citing intellectual property?

iwinks comment to iBand+ page plagiarism claim

Before knowing all the facts behind all of this, I ask if it is wise to start a fight in the school playground, or in the other person’s backyard in public, or in this case, the Arenar iBand+ crowdfunding comment page.

Queensberry rules and all that.


Talking of school, I must check over my essay before Turnitin does! No one likes a cheat or a school bully for that matter.


(© 2016 – Illustration by Rob)




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