The DREAMCATCHER – Electronic Lucid Dream Induction Device

26 08 2016

By Blue Dream Oneironauts


Here is a rather intriguing Kickstarter venture which I thought that I would share here on Lucid Dream Art.

Dreamcatcher lucid dream induction device

‘Better red than dead’


The man behind the project Joseph Schaljo is an engineer from Cincinnati in the state of Ohio, USA. He is currently looking for $100 for his Dreamcatcher Model 1 device.

So far 3 people have backed this project. The total now stands at 235 U.S. Dollars.

However, to make this ‘dream’ possible $5000 needs to be raised by Saturday September 3rd 2016. This is to help with the tooling and materials needed for the build.



According to the Kickstarter promo page, Mr Schaljo of Blue Dream Oneironauts is a man who has a 35 year long background into lucid dreaming after having his first DILD at the age of 16.

In 1987, seeing an Omni magazine cover about Dr. Stephen LaBerge was a ‘Eureka’ moment for Schaljo. This led to his first visit to the dream and awareness workshops held at the famous Maui Hawaiian retreat back in 2001.



The headband technology is based on the work of Stephen LaBerge according to the author. A ‘high resolution’ proximity switch is used to detect the actual REM state. We can only guess that this intended device uses an IR photodiode or phototransistor to do this, because this is what the original NovaDreamer design used.

Like the LaBerge model, the Dreamcatcher flashes red LEDs as an incorporated cue or ‘dreamsign’ to hopefully let the user know they are in fact, dreaming.

There are no details about the ‘powerful’ processor used, although actual operating instructions for the Dreamcatcher are given.

The actual algorithm, or code used by this processor to detect the REM efficiently is likely to be improved in the form of software roll-outs, or ‘updates’. These will include changes to the timings and the overall brightness levels of the LEDs themselves. This should enable better functionality of the device in relation to the individual eye differences found in the end user.

The rather gaudy-looking blue tape is set to be replaced as part of a mask design improvement. I guess pink would be for the girls if you allow for gender stereotyping.



Blue Dream Oneironauts (AKA Joseph Schaljo) cite that assembly time will be the main cost factor.  More worrying though is the disclaimer about the (power) cord. I can only assume that this is due to an electrical shock risk via the computer USB connection should a lightning strike occur from a nearby storm, or indeed a strangulation hazard risk to the sleeper when they unconsciously move in bed.

A battery pack fitted to the device would solve this problem, along with any potential lawsuit.

If successful, the shipping estimate is October 2016; but not outside the United States.

Look on the bright side. At least you will get one before the iWinks Aurora.



Seriously though I think it is great that like-minded people are working on such projects. Like ourselves, as fellow engineers and lucid dreamers, I applaud Mr Schaljo and their genuine passion that is all things lucid dreaming. Indeed it gives us all hope. I know how hard it can be to work on an idea. Though I do have to add that I think this is more like a hobbyist project or ‘hack’ rather than a true business plan.

This venture is not to be confused with the similar sounding, but so-called LUCIdcatcher which is a (sham 40 Hz) placebo that needs to be avoided, unless you want to buy a useless ‘pay for service’ dream app for your smartphone only.

However, if you are one of the lucky 12 ‘apostles’ (not the LUCIding one’s) who have a working BDO Schaljo prototype then why not share your experience and findings by commenting on our blog here.

We would love to know how you are getting on.

For example, did you get lucid with the Dreamcatcher v1?


(Photo courtesy of Kickstarter/J. Schaljo/Blue Dream Oneironauts)




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