The Lucid Dreamer’s Guide to the Cosmos – Daniel Love

29 05 2016

Book - Lucid dreamer's guide to the cosmos


Currently running on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is this interesting book project by the author and UK lucid dream enthusiast Daniel Love.

Now before you all roll your eyes, run to the hills and throw your arms up in the air shouting “another lucid dream guide book!” whilst hitting the back arrow button then just hear me out for a moment.

Daniel Love has previously written a book based on the same subject called ‘Are You Dreaming?’ However this time he is taking a more different, if not a more radical ambitious challenge where he wants everyone and anyone to get involved.

The author intends to release a whole series of books based initially on the funding success of the first one where various topics will be addressed from the viewpoint of the lucid dreamer.

Love points out that his series should appeal to anyone who is interested in science, the universe, consciousness, art, time travel and related subjects, as well as the work of great thinkers like Carl Sagan and the astrophysicist Brian Cox for example.

So it could all be a case of Doctor Who meets D:ream, where “Things can only get better!”


Rather than just an encyclopaedia of knowledge, the author intends the series to be totally different to the norm or what we are currently used to seeing in various ‘how to’ guides.

“My goal is to create a new genre and a new way of learning – a hybrid between psychology, science, self-help and lucid dream education.” Daniel Love

The author is passionate on the subject of lucid dreaming where he has not only written books and made websites including and the oddly named for starters.

He has also been the dream consultant behind the sci-fi film series ‘Anamnesis’.


Daniel Love has also gained support from notable sleep research academics such as Keith Hearne and various dream-related forums and websites on the internet.

the lucid dreamers guide to the cosmos book by daniel love



The target needed to be raised is £12,000 by July 3rd 2016. If the campaign is successful and barring any delays, then shipment of the first book would therefore commence in August next year.

Currently to date, a quarter of the total has been raised so far.

The actual rewards on offer range besides the £1 ‘thank you’ include a £5 *Mp3 trance induction download, an e-book at £12, an actual paperback for an early bird price of £19, or a normal £25; all the way to having tuition, a lifetime e-subscription, right up to the top £1000 pledge where your name is set in stone for all eternity as a patron, (including the akashic records).

Worldwide shipping is extra, up to a nominal £16 on top of the pledge price.

*(Available in August 2016)


Love does point out the risks involved, where he mentions that he is well equipped for any intellectual or practical challenges on the way where he has a contingency plan.

The biggest challenge is the fundrasing, he states.

It will be interesting how this campaign will fair in the eyes of the general public who still view the subject of lucid dreaming with understandable disbelief, if not with total suspicion.

The book, and hopefully the forerunners in the series will always appeal to the die-hard lucid dreamer; especially those people inclined more towards nature, philosopy and scientific genres.

From my point of view it will be interesting to see how controversial subjects such as sleep paralysis, astral or out of body states and near-death experiences are approached and presented.


(Photos courtesy of Kickstarter/Daniel Love. © 2016)





4 responses

30 05 2016
The Impossible Minds

I am really looking forward to this project! Hopefully it’s going to completely push the boundaries for lucid dreaming.

30 05 2016

That’s if there are any boundaries to push as the human imagination has no limit.
Hopefully this book will succeed and become one of many, so as to help enrich our minds further.

30 05 2016
The Impossible Minds

True, what I meant was that perhaps these books will present lucid dreaming as bigger than simply ‘playing God’. And could also get lucid dreaming more attention from the scientific community?

31 05 2016

Hopefully, the scientific community will take the subject of lucid dreaming more seriously in future. I guess though it also boils down to priorities and money at the end of the day.

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