Ocular drawing in Adobe Illustrator

23 01 2016

As an artist I wanted to note my eye muscle movements as a digital line drawing whilst I did an actual pencil sketch on ordinary paper.


Ocular response drawing on Adobe Illustrator

Ocular response using Adobe Illustrator

The main bulk of the activity is shown in the centre of the digital drawing which reminds me more like a signature overall.


I used my eye mask, fitted with a switch which I would wear over my right eye only during my short experiment. The mask would replace the operation of the computer mouse in normal mode.

dream mask and remote switch‘DreamCaptcha’ eye mask

Adobe Illustrator CS5 with the calligraphic brush was used to record the tracking movement (left-right) over an approximate 4 minute period whilst observing and sketching from a photograph shown at the bottom of the page.


Owl pencil sketch

My pencil sketch


The tree sculpture of the owl is probably by the artist Dave Bytheway who is a woodcarver from the UK.

Owl tree sculpture photo

Owl woodcarving

I put some effects on the background of the photograph to make the scene surreal and more dream-like by using the old school Paintshop Pro v7 graphics program.




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