What’s the (GXP) Story, Morning Glory?

27 05 2015

The NPT Lucid Dreamer on Kickstarter.

Just when you thought it was safe to go to bed. Wayne Kendall, the man behind the Luci dream headband *scam is back. This time it is with a more plausible, more down to earth solution to possibly attaining lucid dreams for men using erections.

A 3D concept drawing of the NPT collar prototype

A 3D concept drawing of the NPT collar prototype


This relies on the science known as nocturnal penile tumescence or MPT where the penis becomes more erect due to vasodilation during REM, providing there is no underlying medical issue.


Seeing the wood for the trees

Wayne Kendall himself is based in Montreal, Canada. His new Kickstarter venture NPT Lucid Dreamer is looking for at least $50,000 CAD by June 22nd 2015. Currently the project has 104 backers having raised $5,776 CAD so far with 25 days left to go.
(This extra money is needed to cover tooling and moulding costs according to the latest update.)

A $49 ‘early bird’ pledge will get you a device where the regular price is set at $59 CAD. Shipping is worldwide and is expected to be in September 2015.

Women however will have to wait until at least the end of summer 2016 for an equivalent device based on nocturnal clitoral tumescence according to the predicted timeline.

NPT open collar showing the two magnets

NPT prototype


The prototype sleeve device (shown above) has two magnets which normally keep the collar closed. Two make-to-break switch contact plates complete the circuit when the collar opens which triggers an audio file via speakers, or in ear headphones. This audio can be in the form of a voice or music file, saved on an SD card.

Audio amp TDA7293 board

Wired for sound… or brainwaves?


Please note that the audio amplifier used however is unlikely to be the beloved TDA7293, even though Wayne must have a surplus of them at GXP Technologies after his Luci project got castrated back in November 2013.


The blue or the red pill…

There is no wireless option with this model. Bluetooth is hinted at in version 2.0 later on. Other plans include a possible rechargeable battery option depending on costs along with future downloadable audio playback files in different languages from the NPT Dreamer website.

Any delays are expected to be due to manufacturing issues rather than anything technical. Kendall cites the simplicity of the design in relation to more complicated headband devices which rely on brainwave detection such as the iWinks Aurora.

*(As opposed to the scam accusation, the iWinks project is mentioned in the bio as being perhaps the main reason why the Luci project was ultimately abandoned – not that any of the original backers got told.)
Will Mr Kendall keep his promises this time around? Do we give him the benefit of the doubt perhaps, or the chance to redeem himself? Only time will tell us the answers maybe…

On top of the previous trust and credibility problems, I also expect some technical and safety issues after looking at the campaign videos and the website. It put me off eating hot dogs for example!

I expect the likelihood of an issue where the collar moves in relation to the user’s penis where the magnets could slip and re-clip together over a skin fold during a period of flaccidity when the person moves in bed. This will result in very painful pinching and bruising of the skin, with possible blood flow interruption.

Also if you have a ‘wet’ dream then what will the path of lowest resistance be? For example, if you short the switch out? A light tingle, a thrill, or a shock downstairs maybe.


One final note:

My biggest reservation is with the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter itself. They know the history, the complaints and what previously went on, yet they still allow it.

Photos courtesy of NPT Dreamer.




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