Tri-colour mask and diffuser

19 02 2015

This is basically an addendum to my earlier i-cup project where I initially used a tri-coloured LED for a single ganzfeld eye mask.


Tri-colour LED mask layout

I decided to use an LED pair inside a mask made from two individual plastic left and right cups respectively.

I made a power terminal for one of the mask LED’s from an old 9 volt battery which I took apart. This was bolted on to one of the blue screw on caps which are still interchangeable like previously.


Mask green LED

Pass me the Kryptonite dear

The power supply is a simple games adapter running on the lowest 3 volt DC setting. However the actual voltage measured is a bit higher than this, namely about 4.8 volts.


LED colour transition delay

LED colour transition delay

The series voltage dropper resistor used with each LED is 1kΩ. Even so I still found the illumination a bit overpowering to say the least.


Mask red LED period

Beforehand I did increase the value of the series resistor when making the original i-cup. (See my Ganzfield project.) I also didn’t have a suitable pair of higher value resistors so I thought of using a diffusion method instead.


LED mask with diffuser cap pair fitted

Mask with diffuser pair fitted

I found two identical semi-opaque shampoo bottle caps which roughly matched the internal diameter of the mask apertures themselves. I carefully cut these down to size and I sanded with a low-grade paper to scuff the internal surface in order to make the two covers more opaque due to the fine scratches.

I learnt this art from seeing the surfaces of scratched CD discs which often skipped.


When fitted, these diffusion covers help spread the light more evenly where I find the bluer light more appealing to the eyes during the quick transition between the range of colours.

For further experimentation I recommend using an FM radio tuned to static at a comfortable volume as it is an excellent source of background white noise.




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