Optical mouse hack

22 08 2014

I recently came across Michael Paul Coder’s latest FIELD update on Lucidcode which was of great interest to me.

Basically this program is an upgraded version of his mouse control reader program for the Lucid Scribe platform.

The program, via the algorithm, could now detect the delicate movement picked up by the small camera sensor in the mouse where it would play a short soundtrack after several ‘movements’ over a short period of time.

It would be hoped that the mouse optics could be used as a form of REM eyelid movement or detection method, which might prove useful as a help in regard to lucid dreaming.

eye mask fitted with optical mouse assembly

DreamCaptcha mask

It should be noted, hardware wise, that using an optical mouse in this way is not a new idea where the LED is directly replaced with an IR counterpart.

I personally have come across some interesting articles on the Internet and forums previously which trump this very notion, although you did have to have good knowledge in computing and programming skills to interface it to your PC parallel port previously, but not any more.

Read more about Project ‘DreamCaptcha’.



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24 08 2014
Michael Paul Coder

Reblogged this on lucidcode.

28 08 2014
Lucid Dream Art

I have recently added a 0.1 μF capacitor to the unused pin 3 of IC 7516 and ground to help improve the stability issue.

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