Raising Sleeping Stones: An Enhanced E-book/App for Dreamers. A Kickstarter project by P.H.T. Bennet

6 07 2014

This fascinating project has recently been funded successfully to the tune of $12,627 USD currently with less than a day to go.



The story is a fantasy adventure series based around the two Stone sisters (Kiva and DeeDee) who live in a town (Solasenda) where no one dreams.

The girls find out about ‘The Beginning’ and its old traditions based around dreaming. They go on to meet and learn from the DreamKeepers who can use their dreams to fly, change shape, go into the past and future, go underwater, change buildings, etc.

The project was envisaged 11 years ago by Pratt Bennet where it has built up into 3 books. Raising Sleeping Stones is the first of these intended for release as an interactive book app after July 2014.

Bennet himself is an artist and author who himself hails from Boston Massachusetts, who has been studying dreams for about 30 years.

Currently he teaches at the Berklee College of Music where he has helped many of his students worldwide to meet their dreams.

The two characters Kiva and DeeDee in the e-book storyline are inspired by the author’s two youngest daughters.


Dream techniques

The girls learnt techniques from their father about how to change their fears and nightmares into more pleasant dream scenarios.

He has incorporated these techniques into his electronic book story where the reader may learn and try these same methods in his or her own dreams.

The author also hopes to give a more interactive reading experience when compared with ordinary physical books by exploring the storyline more deeply through music to convey character emotion and to unlock further, more hidden story layers.

The book is brought to life by illustrations by Veronica V. Jones.

The sound designer is Akash Thakkar.

The team hope that interactive features of the app itself will let readers solve more mysteries and share hidden illustrations, music or text, etc. including sharing creativity via the online gallery at raisingstones.com


Editor’s note

We at Lucid Dream Art recognise the link between childhood dreams and creativity. Quite often lucid abilities can be adapted naturally as a defence against bad dreams and nightmares. Sadly a lot of us lose this ability when we grow up. We all recognise this as ‘lucid dreaming.’ Whatever your age we all are in fact the two Stone sisters on a dream quest.

Maybe as adults we should learn from this story example to become who we really are, and not over rely on the materialistic self but maybe listen to our inner selves through introspection.

It was indeed Pablo Picasso who once famously said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

For more information about this exciting project, or to fund it then head over to the team’s official Kickstarter project page here.




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