Reality Check – The light switch

29 09 2011

The term ‘Reality Check’ (often abbreviated to ‘RC’) is a useful technique to learn which will give you more awareness.

Tip: Basically whilst awake in the day try looking at your hands, look away, then look at your hands again, observing them whilst doing this action. The reason being whilst dreaming, the action of looking at your hands, then looking again to see if there is any change in their appearance.

E.g. Are your hands blurred or distorted?

Note: Looking at your hands whilst having a (lucid) dream can stabilize it.

Light switch_RC -jpg

Similarly, a reality check can be performed on a simple light switch by flicking it ‘on’ or ‘off’ whilst awake. The theory being that you (usually) cannot do this action during an actual dream without something ‘odd’ happening.

With practice, you will gain dream awareness which increases your chance of becoming lucid.

Good luck!




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